Networking and synergistic cooperation within RNEM NODES are one of the network's greatest assets.

The network makes extensive use of remote collaboration tools, namely videoconference, to keep close and regular contact between nodes and the scientific advisory board.

Networking activities fostered numerous cooperations that lead to a considerable number of high-level joint publications, advanced meetings and conferences, projects (namely FCT-RECI grants and European FP7) and student training.

Setting up working groups (WG) allowed the systematic coordination of research, know-how exchange, training and informatics within RNEM.

Networking activities include:

RNEM organizes several advanced meetings and conferences.

Yearly conferences include:

LCMS-Proteomics conference series, FCUL Node

PathProt - The international forum on Pathway Analysis in Proteomics, IGC and FCUL Node

Past Meetings organized:

MS2010 - 4th Portuguese Mass Spectrometry Meeting, FCUL Node

4th EuPA Meeting / 6th ProCura Meeting - 2010, FCUL and INSARJ Nodes

Network operation materialized in the organization of several mass spectrometry and proteomics training and advanced courses on a regular yearly basis.

Basic and advanced Courses cover ionization methods, mass analysers, ion detectors with a focus on mass spectrometry of natural products and biomolecules (ionization methods MALDI, ESI) and modern instrumentation in mass spectrometry (TOF-MS, ion traps, FTICR-MS, triple quadrupole, ion-trap).

Past Courses organized:

MembStruct 2013: Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins, ITQB and FCUL Nodes

Modern Methods of Structure Elucidation - 2013, IST Node

2nd Worshop in Mass Spectrometry and Carbohydrates - 2013, UA Node

2nd Workshop in Lipidomic - 2013, UA Node

Lectures and courses at all Institutional Nodes are provided for undergraduate, master and PhD students, with the integration of MS in several MSc courses and PhD programs. The high number of PhD and Master thesis in mass spectrometry shows that a critical mass of highly trained people is evolving in MS in Portugal, with a significant increase expected during the next years.

RNEM supports several FCT funded doctoral programs:

BioSys - Biological Systems, Functional and Integrative Genomics

CATSUS - Catalysis and Sustainability

MolBioS - Molecular Biosciences

Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine


MIT Portugal PhD Program