RNEM is led by a Coordinator, designated by the Implementation Team. The RNEM Coordinator supervises the implementation plan in close association with the Implementation Team and coordinates the Management Team.

The Implementation Team is composed by the RNEM Coordinator and a representative of each Node, being responsible for the implementation of the workpackages and for fund raising initiatives.

Management Team, coordinated by the RNEM Coordinator, is composed by a representative of each Node and is responsible for the management of the scientific activities developed in each Node in the scope of RNEM and for defining the facilities' access policy for each Node. The Management Team provides scientific council and services expertise with several institutions as universities and research institutes, hospitals and industry in close contact with MS manufactures.

The RNEM Coordinator nominate a Steering Committee (composed by a maximum of 4 members) for logistic and administrative support (including the elaboration of RNEM reports and web portal maintenance).

RNEM has a Scientific Advisory Board that evaluates and monitors RNEM's activities, providing advice and suggestions and contributing to efficiently fulfill the RNEM objectives.

Maria Helena Florêncio FCUL
Management Team  
Maria Helena Florêncio FCUL
Carlos Cordeiro FCUL
Joaquim Marçalo IST/UL
Maria do Rosário Bronze FF/UL
Maria Teresa Batista UC
Patrícia Alves ITQB/UNL
Pedro Domingues UA
Vera Mónica Mendes CNBC/UC
Vukosava Ðordevic Milic INSARJ
Implementation Team  
Maria Helena Florêncio FCUL
Maria da Conceição Oliveira IST/UL
Rui Moreira FF/UL
Maria Luísa Sá Melo UC
Paula Alves ITQB/UNL
Francisco Amado UA
Bruno Manadas CNBC/UC
Deborah Penque INSARJ
José Câmara UMA
Steering Committee  
Maria Helena Florêncio FCUL
Carlos Cordeiro FCUL
Marta Sousa Silva FCUL
António Ferreira FCUL

Peter Roepstorff
Southern Denmark University

Sir William Wakeham
University of Southampton

Magda Claeys-Maenhaut
University of Antwerpen